Woven Market Bag


Made from woven pre-consumer juice pack strips.

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This capacious and incredibly strong bag has been a top seller since we started stocking it, and gets loads of comments as we use it daily. Made from expertly woven pre-consumer juice pack strips, this is a really great bag for carrying all your groceries at the market, but would look equally good on the beach, in the city or at the school gate. We use it for them all.

Approx. 18in/45cm wide, 13in/33cm high (not including handles), 7in/18cm deep
(please note, these measurements are only approximate and can vary somewhat depending on the size of the juice packs and the technique of each of the sewers)

Pre-consumer juice packs are cut from rolls of packaging that have been rejected by the manufacturers, usually because of printing errors. Normally, these rejects would be slashed (to mark them as rejects) and then burned – giving off all kinds of hazardous fumes. To prevent this happening, Doy are now working with a number of the manufacturers to recycle these pre-consumer juice packs, using them in the same ways as used juice packs.


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