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The Galapagos Meeting by Avril Suddaby an illustrated book for upper primary age children.


New illustrated children’s book in conjunction with up-and-coming artist/Deliveroo bike rider, Oli Johnson and published by Smokehouse Press. The Galapagos Meeting is for upper primary age children and explores current themes of climate change, immigration and tourism in an accessible and thought provoking was as the Galapagos animals meet to discuss these issues. A great Christmas present at only £10.

2 reviews for Children’s Book – The Galapagos Meeting

  1. 5 out of 5

    Donna Grant

    My animal-obsessed 10 year old loved this book, especially the links to subjects they have been discussing at school like immigration and climate change, and the wonderful illustrations of the amazing animals of the Galapagos.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This thought-provoking book describes the current problems impacting the planet, as seen through the eyes of the unique animals that inhabit the Galapagos Islands. Representatives of each Galapagos species meet every thousand years to discuss events that are impacting them. At this millennium meeting, the main topics on the agenda include the impacts of tourism, climate change, immigration and the legacy of Charles Darwin. The topics are very relevant to the frightening times that our planet is currently experiencing and the ongoing threats of global extinction.
    The book is aimed primarily at children of primary school age, but I believe can equally be enjoyed by adults. Probably, younger children may need an adult to read this book to them. As the author wisely states, if there is anything you don’t understand ‘JUST ASK! Children need to be aware of the dreadful impacts that humans are making on the planet. They are our future and already have a powerful voice. The author, Avril Suddaby, succinctly and eloquently pulls the key issues into focus.
    I particularly enjoyed the creature’s discussion on immigration. It mainly covers the destructive nature of invasive species on the islands, particularly the animals introduced by humans including dogs, cats and goats.
    The illustrations are charming and will give the young reader a wonderful insight into the diverse and unique nature of the Galapagos species. I loved the photographs of the animals confidently interacting with the local human islanders.
    We are left with the thoughts of what topics will be discussed at the next millennium meeting and sadly whether any creatures will have survived extinction and will be able to attend.
    I will definitely be buying further copies of this book for my grandchildren.

    • Donna Grant

      So glad you liked the book and will be buying more. We felt it sat very well with the ethos of the Ecosnackwrap range of products.

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