Animal Snack Pocket on Cotton


  •  Easy for both children and adults to open and close
  •  Wraps & Pockets can be put in the freezer
  •  Lightweight, yet extremely strong
  •  Stores flat for easy and simple storage
  •  Hand, machine or dishwasher safe
  •  PVC, BPA Free
  •  Non-toxic, heavy metal free, Phthalate free
  • Suitable for vegans

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An updated Animal design on our new hemp fabric which is durable, sustainable, renewable and flame retardant. Hemp is grown with fewer inputs, without the use of pesticides, on smaller areas of land so is undoubtedly the more eco-friendly option. The product is manufactured ethically in India, and is suitable for vegans.

New larger size 14 cm x 14 cm, with expandable sides so you can fit in even more. (size is a rough guide and may vary slightly either side of this measurement). Snack Pockets-Perfect for all your snacks such as cakes, nuts, biscuits, cut up fruit and any other items.
100% Hemp fabric with a biodegradable coating that decomposes with out harm to our environment- unlike Nylon or PUL which are not biodegradable.

Ecosnackwrap wraps and pockets will last you not just one, but several years!

Ethically made in India


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